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Titelbild Social Communities - Tummelplätze im Internet

Social Communities - Tummelplätze im Internet

Thesen von Clay Shirkey

Clay Shirkey gehört zu den großen Denkern der Web 2.0-Ära. Als Soziologe untersucht er die verschiedenen Formen und Möglichkeiten, wie Menschen miteinander über das Netz kooperieren. Dieser Artikel sammelt Stichpunkte zu einem Vortrag von Clay Shirkey.

Schlagworte: social communities

Community: Sharing, Conversation, Collaboration, Collective Action

  • Internet is challenge to society
  • we are living through the largest increase in human expressive capability in history
  • only four other revolutions
    • printing press movable type
    • telegraph and telephone
    • recorded media
    • harness broadcast
  • new: a network nativley good at group forming
  • group action just got easier
  • group forming tools > groups get faster complicated than they grow
    • 5 people > 19 connections
    • 10 people > 45 connections
    • 15 people > 105 connections
  • with the internet we get to start grow larger than the earlier days
  • Email > Reply All > first group conversation with one click
  • group effect added up


  • reverses the old modell of sharing > to share you had to come together in the old days
    • example > delicious > users, links, tags


  • community of practice
    • example > flickr community groups > people show each other how things work > the group gets better together


  • example > comic community

collective action

  • example > flugzeug
    • woman goes home start googling for newsstories and comments
    • woman starts coordination
    • woman starts petition
  • example > flashmob
    • meet on a place
    • take pictures and post them
    • make media buzz


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